Your Daily Plan is the Place Your Energy Resides


SHP Rehab & Wellness Center, Inc. encourages you to live a life that is well-rounded, physically strong, and truly abundant. We know that you want your Spinal Health and Performance to give you mobility and increase energy. Enjoy this article written on how to incorporate simple things in life to make that happen. And don’t forget, we’d love to part of your List of things To Do!

Your Daily Plan is the Place Your Energy Resides, By Dr. Jason Littleton, M.D., America’s Energy Doctor

First know what you have to do, or in other words, have a plan. You should take time to write out a weekly plan or schedule for yourself and your family. Put all the things that you routinely do in your schedule, like your morning routine, your job, family activities, relaxation and personal growth actions. When you do this, remember to leave reasonable time in between each “to do” on your weekly schedule so you give yourself time to transition into each task.

Your daily to-dos are the READ MORE…

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