Stretch Yourself. Relieve your stress.

cropped-shplogo_allweb1.jpgBy Aria Dunham

Patients come to SHP Rehab & Wellness Center, Inc. for many reasons. Yes, we have a friendly staff, accept virtually all major medical insurances, and a massage doesn’t hurt too bad.

But usually the first visit is a direct result from some type of pain associated with the back.

Back pain can be caused by an auto or sports injury. But did you know that sitting in a chair can also hurt your back? Jobs that involve sitting in a car, at an office typing, or any job that puts the body’s pressure on the back creates stress and tension on the joints and muscles that support the spine.

Dr. O’Brien advises patients who have desk jobs, or any type of work that requires long periods of sitting or standing to take a proactive approach. In fact, he states that the perfect way to do this is by mini-stretching.

Here are some tips from Dr. R. Kevin O’Brien:

*Stretch when its convenient.

*Do a leg stretch.

*Reach above your head by raising the arms and take in a deep breath, inhale and stretch again.

*Bend down and reach your toes.

Enjoy this video with simple visuals on how to stretch while at work.


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