Bad fashion. Bad back.

purse3By Aria Dunham

Did you know that your fashionista status might actually be causing you back pain? Sure, it may already be a pain to contain all that glam and glitter, but by just making a few extra changes, you can look good while keeping that back in check.

First, lighten up that purse. According to Ladies Health Journal article, a person should only carry up to 10 % of their body weight. A good tip is to keep items that you really need in the purse you carry with you, and have an extra handbag that either functions as a back pack to tot essentials for emergency purposes. Also, when you must carry heavy items, alternate between a back pack, or aim for thicker straps. Here are some “O” tested purses that are hot and back friendly.  It’s an extra step that could save your back and another good excuse to buy a new handbag.

Another suggestion for fashion that meets practicality is to watch the height on those heels. Pumps that are higher than 2 inches accentuate your calf muscles, but also place the entire spine at a tilt, which means bad posture and movement–a combination that is damaging. A great quick and easy solution to keep your purse light and feet flat between heel wearing is to use Dr. Sholl’s For Her Fast Foot Flats. (See Review: or Footzyrolls (See Review: for a simple, quick alternative to those Kardashian pumps you love to wear for power and pizazz.

Also, a great investment that can make you look pulled together but also able to keep in touch with friends is use a blue-tooth for your cell phone. In fact, holding the phone between shoulder and ear while doing dishes, or carrying bags between car and store are harmful for your back AND your shoulders. Spare your self the extra muscular stress and lighten up. These are the latest trends on bluetooth wear for the fashionista in you.

Just taking a small step in a new direction can make a great impact on your back. You will set a new trend of back breaking style without all the back breaking cost.

Remember, we want to be your resource for optimum Spinal Health Performance, SHP Rehab & Wellness Center.

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