Drink water. Feel better.

athlete drinking waterBy Aria Dunham

When asked whether or not drinking 8 glasses a day is important, Dr. R. Kevin O’Brien shares this hydration practice.

“For every non-water beverage I drink, I will make sure to have 2 glasses of water. That’s how important it is to me.”

Experts agree. With the focus today on being healthy and eating right, water is one way to make sure that the body performs to it’s maximum benefit. In fact, the body is mostly made up of water. A recent article on the importance and value of water drinking, by WebMD states that, “Fluid losses are accentuated in warmer climates, during strenuous exercise, in high altitudes, and in older adults, whose sense of thirst may not be as sharp”  http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/6-reasons-to-drink-water

Patients who have sustained injuries that affect the muscle need to pay extra close attention to staying hydrated, particularly in Florida heat. Physical therapy and massage also require extra doses of this clear beverage.

If you don’t like the taste of water, we suggest a more proactive approach by enhancing water’s taste and adding vitamins to your diet. Certain types of Vitamin packs that are easily added to a glass of water can keep a person hydrated and help give vital doses of Vitamin C that also aid in healing.

Next time you stop by the office for a visit, don’t forget to take a full body health approach. Enjoy a physical therapy treatment, relaxing massage and then hydrate up with a extra boost of vitamins and you’re well on your way to optimum Spinal Health and Performance.


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