Crickety – Crack – Cold and your back

LOGO WITH PHONE #S 180pixelBy Aria Dunham

Changes in season, may be mirrored by the feelings that your body get when cold weather begins to visit–even in the hottest of states, such as Sunny Florida. If the slightest drop in temperature affects the natural movement of your body, you may suffer from back arthritis, particularly if you have ever been involved in an accident or slip and fall.

Take this symptom quiz:

Do spine movements become stiff and painful?

Do you suffer from leg pain, tingling, or difficulty walking?

Are your symptoms worse in the morning and progressively ease during the day?

Have you felt a tightening sensation around the lower part of your back, particularly around the area of your spine?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there may be a variety of underlying causes.

There are over-the-counter remedies that may help add heat and bring a sense of temporary relief to the problem. However, in the end, the real source of healing can only come via frequent treatment modalities used by a licensed physical therapist.

What can a licensed physical therapist do for your back that you can’t do alone?

1. Create a treatment plan that includes a thorough assessment of your needs.

2. Taking into consideration your history of the problem assist you in learning new ways of moving physically to not only alleviate pain, but to also strengthen the core muscle groups that support the spine.

3. During a physical therapy session, a therapist can push you further than you might go on your own, but also tell you when to safely stop.

A good physical treatment plan helps you to create a plan of action between visits.

Perhaps you think that physical therapy is something that isn’t affordable for your lifestyle. Calculate what it costs a person to lose sleep, or to not function at their peak performance? Do you miss time from work? Do you have to limit your involvment with family and sports so to not make the pain worse? What could be more expensive than the loss of full living?

In fact, most visits–even out of pocket– are about the cost of a meal for two at a restaurant. Now, that’s budget friendly!

Call us today @ 561-684-9200 to see how we can help you and your back move forward this holiday season. Perhaps the change of season will bring a greater change to your overall spinal health, too.


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