Morning Health Tips

LOGO WITH PHONE #S 180pixelBy Aria Dunham

We have all heard that Americans are obese and that extra weight contributes to:

Poor posture. Many men and women carry their extra weight around the midsection of the body which pulls the back forward, creates pressure on the spinal cord.

Joint discomfort. Pressure from carrying extra weight can lead to sore feet, ankles, and knees. Exercises are more challenging and the aerobic impact on the joints is increased.

Lower sense of self-esteem, etc.

In fact, the most common New Year’s Resolution made by Americans is to lose weight. According to FYI Living Magazine, despite people really only gain 1 pound due to holiday indulgences. However, the weight gained during a holiday rarely is lost and that is what adds up over the course of years.

Dr. R. Kevin O’Brien would like to encourage his patients to consider their own fitness and health goals as we approach 2013. Embrace a healthier lifestyle. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables. And, be sure to not hold on to the 1 pound gained during this holiday season. In fact, if you are one of those Americans who need to lose weight, we would like to invite you to allow us to help. Individuals who have physical limitations to exercise should especially consult with a physical therapist to prevent injury. Call us to schedule your appointment at 561-684-9200


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