Change your Life with a Smoothies

20 Amazing Smoothie Recipes that Will Change Your Morning Life

By Jaime Morrison Curtis | April 1st, 2013

Hi ladies, it’s healthy mom month here at Take Ten with Jaime and Jacinda. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, I SWEAR. Since New Years Jacinda and I have been committed to supporting each other in our goals of healthy living and properly functioning bowels. So right off the bat, let me overshare that I have stomach issues. Always have, always will. The good news is I have my IBS under control as of late (and I’m losing weight!) with the help of a daily smoothie. Every morning Scarlet and I whip up a new smoothie, experimenting with vegetables, fruits, and various supplements in our concoctions. Bonus: She has tried more new foods in the past month than in all the previous 58 months of her life combined. Any parent knows that’s a HUGE PLUS. There really is no downside to giving daily smoothie-making a try.  READ MORE…


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