How to Totally Screw Up a Smoothie

May 3, 2013 | Posted by Danielle Walsh
mango-berry-and-banana-smoothie-646Whoever thought of blitzing a bunch of fruit and vegetables and calling the results breakfast is brilliant. The smoothie has changed our morning routine as we know it, giving us sweet, portable fuel. Healthy fuel. This meal in a glass packs the most important part of the food pyramid into the most important meal of the day. Genius.

And smoothies are easy to make, to boot. But there is one huge misstep–and a few other smaller ones–that, if made, could make turn your tasty meal into a total drag. Here’s how to avoid them all, according to assistant food editor Alison Roman.

1. Use Under-Ripe Fruit
If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it in your smoothie. Under-ripe fruit has zero flavor and tends to make your drink watery–the number one sin of smoothie making. And don’t waste your time hunting for pristine fruit for your smoothie, either–it’s alright to get bruised, mildly squishy stuff. You’ll be blending it anyway


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