You are What you Eat

LOGO WITH PHONE #S 180pixelBy Aria Dunham

There’s an old saying, “You are what you eat.” But, exactly how true is this statement? There seems to be opposing arguments on both side of the debate. One thing is certain, for individuals trying to heal from a physical injury, weight on the bones adds up to more time spent in physical therapy and treatment. Time is an asset and so, waiting becomes a liability when factoring in waiting to return to work, or play with the children, or even just feeling more comfortable with daily activities.2013-05-18 12.58.53

And if people really “are what they eat”, how does that translate into healthy eating?

Everyone wants to be full of energy and life. We all want optimum fitness, and more important than a rockin’ body, we just want to look and feel good—to do what we like, and to end the day with a sense of fulfillment–“to live the good life”.

“Eat like you want to be,” then states Dr. Jason Littleton, MD, Author and America’s Energy Doctor.

What does that look like on the plate? Food choices that are energetic and full of life, promise, and hope for a healthy body–both inside and out. Aim for the stars at night. During the day, eat a rainbow. Here are some fast tips to help you get started in making the universal shift in your eating habits.

“Star-gaze type” eating aims for food groups that give the nutrients your body needs and wants to make bones stronger, and sleep at night deeper. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Those types of food choices include calcium, and tryptophan. These food items are found naturally in turkey and dairy products. Select 100 calorie bread and make a low fat, low sodium turkey sandwich with a glass of low-fat or fat free milk gives the body a healthy dose of protein, calcium and vitamin that combined aid the body’s absorption of what it needs. Did you also know that chocolate milk is given to top athletes after an intensive workout? The reason is that the lactic acid that builds up in the muscle fibers that cause soreness later is reduced by milk. If you like chocolate milk, indulge yourself with heating it up a little bit, throw in a scoop of natural cocoa, and some honey. You’re good to go, and ready for a power sleep that not only will rest your body the way it needs, but feed it well so that tomorrow you have a protein energized day!

For rainbow eating, think rain and color. You want to hydrate your body well-enough so that when the heat of the day rises, your skin and vital organs have the water it needs to flush out the toxins that have built up as well as compensate for the stress of daily life. Foods that are colorful and vibrate come in through various forms. Aim for color! Don’t think of cold vegetables and fruits if that’s not what you’re into. Get creative. Toss grapes into some chopped up chicken and make a salad to wrap in a spinach wrap. Or if you do like salads, aim for the seasons that change. Go for what is locally produced in your area and choose those items. Acorns are full of nutrients, and can be baked in the oven along side slices of eggplant and broccoli. Whatever you do, remember that color is King. The food world is a rainbow box of color waiting for you to open. Just remember, eat between the lines. All good things have limits and don’t over indulge yourself.

Bon Appetite!


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