Cure for Tennis Elbow in less than 2 weeks

Two Methods to Cure Your Tennis Elbow in 7-10 Days

Tennis Elbow sucks! I’ve had it twice. I’ve also had many patients with it. Tennis players aren’t the only ones affected. Construction workers, athletes of all types, and even people who only work at computers are commonly afflicted.

Tennis elbow is inflammation of the lateral epicondyle (the most prominent bone you feel on the outer side of your elbow) and is a repetitive motion injury. It can be quite painful and you’ll know it if you have it. I’ve outlined 2 methods to help you cure your Tennis Elbow quickly. I’ve used various combinations of the below methods to get rid of mine and many other patients.

Method One

1) Stop the offending activity for at least a couple weeks. If you can’t stop it completely because you’re Serena Williams or a carpet layer or whatever, realize it’s going to take longer to heal (and be okay with that). READ MORE