Good Looks, Bad Back

SHPlogo_allWEBBy Aria Dunham

“Oh gosh, my feet hurt.” She said as she removed her 4 inch high stiletto heels. “Not to mention this knot on my shoulder is giving me a headache.”

“I keep telling you to not wear those things,” her husband gently reminded her. “It’s bad for your back too. Just looking at you hurts my back.”

“You don’t seem to mind how I look when we go out,” she playfully reminded him.

“This is true, but there has to be balance, right?”

Have you ever felt the tug-of-war of being a fashionista when really it’s the tennis shoes and t-shirt that keep calling your name?

Here’s a fashion zone quiz to see where your fashion attitude lies. Each yes equals a point.

  • Have you ever worn shoes that made your feet sore but you did it because you looked thinner?
  • Does your body cry out “Yes! Relief!” when you put your purse down?
  • At the end of the day is your body telling you that you really could use a massage?
  • At the end of the day, do you sit and feel as though you would rather do anything but get back up because your body is “just too tired to move”?
  • Do your toes feel freer than a dog off a leash simply because you took your shoes off?
  • Have you ever experienced feelings of soreness in your lower back after dancing the night away?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping due to the fact that your neck feels sore and your purse is probably the probable cause.
  • Do you carry a purse and a backpack because you are a student, and you have long distances to walk to and from class?

If you scored:

0-1 Pink zone. You have some control over your fashion desires. We should be taking tips from you.You have balance and your body is tickled pink.

2-3  Yellow zone. You are begining to fall into the fashion trap where health and fashion begin to clash. It’s still not too late to make some changes.

3-5  Orange zone. The warning signs have been starting to show. Your feet hurt and your back is a little sore. You know that it’s got to be the shoes and the purse, but you aren’t ready to give your sexy away. Besides what is a little fashion between body and clothes. No pain, no gain, right?

6-8  Red zone. Your fashion has become more important that comfort. It’s now become a habit and you need relief fast!

Pay attention to your body’s warning signals and take a small step towards balance. Make an appointment to have your back evaluated by a licensed chiropractor, and put together an easy and manageable plan that will help make fashion not only fun, but fit.


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